Sermon – Jesus Said…What!?: I AM The Light Of The World (John 9:1-41)

As a society, we have become somewhat immune to hearing outrageous claims. They are issued, capture some newsworthy attention, and then are fairly quickly ignored or pushed aside. Jesus issued some outrageous claims, in fact, claims that were far beyond what we hear today. In this Bible Talk series, we look at the “I AM…” statements from the gospel of John. Newsworthy – yes. Ignored – yes. Pushed aside – yes. Yet, to look into them we will see the glory of God in the person of Jesus Christ. It would be to our loss to be immune.

This Bible Talk looks at Jesus statement “I Am The Light Of The World”, showing us how Jesus gives the world the light of life.

Read the text – John 9:1-41

Sermon – New Beginnings: Come and See (John 1:35-51)

The Gospel of John introduces Jesus and gives him an extraordinary array of titles. Jesus does not disappoint. His teaching, his interactions, his miracles and his knowledge give those who meet him cause to question who he is – and as readers we also can look at these ‘encounters’ and decide for ourselves whether Jesus is worth another look. Perhaps a new beginning for a new year.

This talk looks at John the Baptist’s testimony about Jesus, and helps us to consider who Jesus is.

Read the text – John 1:35-51 Isaiah 53:4-12

From the LMAP morning/online gathering

From the LMAP 6pm gathering