The Help and the Helper (Psalm 121)

It is often my privilege to sit with someone who needs help. That might be at their bedside because they are dying. It could be in the aged care facility that is now their ‘home’. It could be across the table as they share what burdens them so deeply. The anxiety, sometimes the fear, is clear and present. The causes are wide and varied. Help is what they need.

And how useless I am!

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Persevere (Jude)

Jude - Persevere - 2018

Ken Noakes in two talks looks at the little letter of Jude and to the challenge to contend for the faith of Jesus Christ.

Read the Bible text: Jude

Sermon Outline and Script – Talk 1: Challenges to the Faith – Jude 1-16

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Sermon Outline and Script – Talk 2: Contending for the Faith – Jude 17-25

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Sermon – Broken Sex (Song of Songs#4)

In this, the fourth of five sermons, Des Smith shows how the reality of life is reflected in the Song of Songs. Even in this intense love poem we can see the way humanity has corrupted and “broken” God’s good gift of sex. Today, such corruption includes pornography, sexual abuse and domestic violence but Des explains how anybody affected by “broken sex” can, through the suffering of Jesus, receive healing and help.

If you seek help in dealing with pornography or sexual abuse or domestic violence the resources at “Where to find help for those who need it?” may assist you.

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Read the Bible text: Song of Songs 5:2-8 , 1 Corinthians 6:7-11

Sermon Script

Where to find help for those who need it?

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