Sermon – The Wisdom of Living for Eternity (1 Corinthians 15:35-16:24)

Read the text – 1 Corinthians 15:35-16:24

This is not the age for the self-fulfilment and glory of human beings – there is an eternity for that (we will be changed and given a new resurrection body). This is the age for the work of the LORD – our labour in the Lord, though it looks weak now, is not vain (like the death of Jesus and like our bodies).

In this talk Dave Swan, warns us from the last section in the first letter to the Corinthians, to not be driven by the present age and by what we see. For now is not the time for the work of the gospel to look splendid, it is the time for gospel work and that work will look weak (v58).

Listen to this world, have your life shaped by the resurrection, so that when you do experience death you might also know the wonder of the resurrection.

Sermon – The Foolishness of Living for Now (1 Corinthians 15:12-34)

Read the text – 1 Corinthians 15:12-34

The Corinthians live for the ‘now’ as they deny the resurrection, so they have always focused on looking good now, but the Apostle Paul shows how foolish this is. Paul shows instead that our glory comes through weakness, just as life comes through death, so his ministry is marked by weakness and death. As Paul commands in 1 Corinthians 15:33-34, Christians we must be careful of being led astray by those who would have us focus on living for now.

In this talk Dave Swan, wants to help the listener fix their eyes on eternity. To have a life shaped by the resurrection, so that you don’t live for the now, but for eternity, and so that you can take steps to encourage others to live for eternity as well.

Sermon – Easter: Transforming Life (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)

Read the text – 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

The resurrection really happened – it changed Paul’s life and it changes us, because it changes death itself. In this Easter Sunday Bible Talk, Gary Haddon, helps the listener to see the transforming power of the resurrection so they can choose to accept and in turn live out their resurrection hope. Listen to hear the gospel preached, the gospel received and the gospel upon which Christians are called to take a stand.

Easter Sermons – Life is On! (Psalms 2, 72, 22 & 110)

Easter is such a special time for Christians. The king of heaven to hung on a cross – what a way to treat a king.

To reflect on Easter we have chosen four Psalms: the Psalms of the King. They are essentially about God’s promised once and for all time King, Jesus. The New Testament cites the Psalms more often than any other Old Testament book, so it is right for us to look at them and use them and preach on them, especially at Easter. May we understand how Jesus fulfils the expectations of this one true King.

Psalm 2 – The King over All
Psalm 72 – The King of Justice
Psalm 22 – The Forsaken King?
Psalm 110 – The King who Conquers

Sermon Series – Famous Last Words

 “What is truth?” “It is finished.” “Peace be with you!” “Follow me!” These are some of the famous last words recorded in John’s gospel – in the days before Jesus’ death and the days after his resurrection and before his ascension. But what do these famous last words mean to us today? What does it demand of our lives? Is it simply a story of 2000 years ago, or does the power of Jesus in our world today demand that we must follow him?

28th March – Testify To The Truth?

This talk looks at the interactions of Jesus & the Jewish Leaders with Pilate – we see a 1st century example of cancel culture, as Pilate chooses which side to listen to, and the Jews attempt to stamp out and reject Jesus as their King.

Read the text – John 18:28-40

1st April – Who Has The Power?

This talk investigates about who has the power and control in Jesus’ final week before his death. While Pontius Pilate claims he has the power of life or death over Jesus, Jesus claims his power is given to him from above.

Read the text – John 19:1-16

2nd April – It Is Finished!

This talks looks at the crucifixion of Jesus. His death was not a defeat; his final words “It is finished” announced a shout of victory. He finished the work of the Father – to save humanity.

Read the text – John 19:17-37

4th April – Peace Be With You! (AM with kids)

This talk focuses on Jesus’ first interactions after his resurrection – his first words to the disciples were “Peace be with you!” They found comfort, they found joy, they found life in Jesus.

Read the text – John 20:1-31

4th April – Peace Be With You! (evening)

This talk focuses on Jesus’ first interactions after his resurrection – his first words to the disciples were “Peace be with you!” They found comfort, they found joy, they found life in Jesus.

Read the text – John 20:1-31

11th April – Follow Me!

This talk looks at Jesus’ call to his disciples – looking at Jesus in faith, following Jesus by walking with him, and being fed by Jesus by growing in him.

Read the text – John 21:1-25

Inviting Folk to an Online Easter

Easter Reimagined (LMAP)Easter 2020 worldwide looks different. Not the message, but indeed the form.

The Easter message of death followed by life in Jesus is a glorious message of hope and perhaps as relevant and important for all to hear in the midst of a pandemic. If life matters, as it clearly does given the extraordinary measures that are being taken worldwide to stop the spread of this virus, then now is the time to proclaim the Easter message!

What has changed is the form. The opportunity to physically gather together with others to proclaim that ‘Christ is risen, he is risen indeed’ is not possible. And so we gather online and in many new and creative ways. Never before has there been such an opportunity for folk to connect into Easter without having to put a foot outside their front door. What an opportunity.

Anyone (with an internet connection) can step into church without the fear of having to make small talk, or the worry about what to do or where to sit, or the concern that they might ‘out’ themselves as someone who might just possibly be open to considering Jesus or his message. They can sit hidden behind their screen, undetectable to those who are proclaiming the Easter message.

How can we invite folk to join us online?

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Talk – How Can I be Sure? (1 Cor 15:1-19 and John 20:24-31)

LMAP - Easter2019 - CoverPhoto

Foundational to belief of Christianity, is the historical reality of the person of Jesus and with that comes his well-documented life, teaching, death and resurrection.

Whilst it is true that belief in the existence of Jesus may be a no brainer and acknowledging his death traditional – to allow his teachings to shape the way we live, or to hold to the idea of a resurrection – for some is a step too far.

There are a chorus of Atheist voices who have spoken loudly against religion. That is not new, every age in history since and including the time of Jesus has seen opposition to organized religion – and at times, sadly, the opposition has been well placed.

In a series of short talks, we look at what the ‘new atheists’ say about the resurrection, before examine the resurrection for ourselves. The hope that we might be able the weigh up what is said and reordered in scripture and history and make our own decisions about faith.

Read the Bible Text – 1 Cor 15:1-19; John 20:24-31

Talk Outline – How can I be Sure?

– Ken Noakes


Sermon – Why, What, When of Forgiveness (John 18 – 20)

LMAP - Easter2019 - CoverPhoto

Easter is a special time for many around the world – a time to reflect, to be thankful, to lift our minds and hearts above the day to day and to appreciate the world we live in.

Arguably, more than any other event in history, Easter has shaped our world. The coming of the man Jesus and then his arrest, trial, crucifixion and then resurrection stunned the world. What Jesus taught about life, love, good works, sin, justice, forgiveness, hope has shaped cultures, governments, legislation, education, tradition and so much more. Yet his death and resurrection transformed people’s lives and gave a personal hope beyond the grave. Love him or loath him, he has left his mark for the benefit of generations across history.

In this trilogy of Easter talks, we walk with Jesus through the pages of John’s Gospel from his arrest to his resurrection.

– David Shead

Read the Bible Text – John 18:1-27

– David Shead

Read the Bible Text – John 18:28-19:42

– David Shead

Read the Bible Text – John 20:1-31

Sermon – Who says I will be judged?

LMAP - Easter2019 - CoverPhoto

We all like and want justice – yet justice is not possible unless there is judgement (vindicating the good and condemning the bad). In Jesus you have a judge – who is just, right and good. Can we say the same about our own judgements?

Read the Bible Text – John 5:16-30; John 12:44-50

Talk Outline – Who says I will be judged

– Ken Noakes

– David Shead