Calvin – The Majesty of God

By Adam Smith

March 26th, 1538 – Easter Sunday, Geneva

My dear William,

It’s me, John Calvin.

IMG_2756 (002)

As I write to you now, I hear a mob at my door

An army of people calling, I can’t ignore

They want silence. They want me gone, William;

A pack packed with pitchforks and torches and clubs

Angry at truth, and calling for blood.

I came to Geneva, after your relentless pursuit

I accepted your offer and came to be absolutely firm in my conviction

To preach the gospel of Christ, and Christ alone.

But against your prediction, and depiction of this city, I’ve felt nothing but friction against the good news I bring, and now here I am threatened with eviction.

They don’t want to hear it. They don’t want a part.

They’ve put up a wall of hostility around the void in their heart

IMG_2757 (002)

For once in the past, an intervention divine,

when God subdued and made a teachable heart of mine

I saw in that moment all power and glory

The majesty of God revealed in the story

Of God and his people, in scripture complete

revelation of who he is and how to know him

Man creates a model of God, in one single plane

That is put in a containable box and constrained

To our weak definition, a flawed exposition

That fails to capture even a glimmer of God’s awesome composition

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