Sermon – Joshua – Promise & Purpose: Taking the Land of Promise (9:1-12:24)

Joshua: Promise & Purpose - Bible Talk Series

What is the value of a promise? For one, a promise can give direction as you look forward to the fulfillment of the promise. And as such it gives purpose to how we conduct ourselves as we move closer to the day that the promise is fulfilled. God’s people Israel acted on the strength of the promise that they would be delivered into a new and good land – a home. Joshua leads them by the hand of God – home. In our Bible talks, we are looking at the extraordinary book of Joshua – a book of promise and purpose. A book that points us forward to the fulfillment of the gospel promise, that in Jesus we will delivered – home. In the meantime, it gives us a clear purpose.

This talk looks at Israel’s failure to seek God’s help in all decisions, causing them to break God’s command. It also presents us with a challenge – do we give only 0.6% of our week to Jesus at church, or do we need to put our trust in God in all decisions?

Read the text – Joshua 9:1-27