Persevere (Jude)

Jude - Persevere - 2018

Ken Noakes in two talks looks at the little letter of Jude and to the challenge to contend for the faith of Jesus Christ.

Read the Bible text: Jude

Sermon Outline and Script – Talk 1: Challenges to the Faith – Jude 1-16

Listen to the Sermon (Terrace Studies)


Sermon Outline and Script – Talk 2: Contending for the Faith – Jude 17-25

Listen to the Sermon (Terrace Studies)

Why leave a ‘church’?

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The question ‘Why leave a ‘church?’ may be a dangerous question to ask, especially on a church blog!

The reality is that all churches have people leave them – for both wise and unwise reasons. It is worth spending some time thinking about why one would take the step of leaving a ‘church’ and then further considering how to do that well. That said, I am hoping that no one reading this will in fact leave 5pm Church as a result!Trinity City 'Five by 5' Challenge - hand

In the previous two articles we have considered ‘What is ‘Church’?’ and then ‘What to expect of ‘Church’?‘ which as background should help establish that leaving a church should be thought about carefully – that is not a decision that should be made hastily or prayerlessly. If ‘church’ is about God’s people gathering as a family in Christ around his Word, it should give some pause for thought to a person when deciding to stay or to go. Leaving means leaving a family and a place where God’s word should be key to their fellowship.

Changing churches or leaving church altogether is no small thing.

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Eternal New Year’s Resolutions


  1. Clean my teeth twice daily
  2. Always stick to the speed limit
  3. No Chocolate
  4. Don’t lose my temper with the kids
  5. Always meet deadlines
  6. Weed each week

Are you a New Year’s resolution kind of person? If so, then today is a good day to be thinking about your new year’s resolutions! It is also a good time to review how you are going in faith. Would it not be a great thing if (by God’s Grace and with his help) in a years’ time you were even more godly than you might be today?

To start the year I thought I might offer some suggestions for resolutions which may have eternal benefits (rather than just annual benefit!)…

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