Sermon – Faith That Works: Humble Ambition (James 4:13-5:6)

Faith That Works - The Letter of James

Imagine being the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Always following in the footsteps of the glory child!! James is refreshingly matter of fact and down to earth. As we read the letter by James, we read his concern that those following Jesus don’t only listen, but actually walk in his footsteps. For him righteousness matters, and it is the practical righteousness that you can hear in the words and see in the actions of the follower of Jesus that really counts. This talk challenges the boastful and the arrogant to be humble and listen.

Read the text – James 4:13-5:6

Sermon – How the Mighty Have Fallen (2 Sam 1)

In the historical book of 2 Samuel from the Old Testament in the Bible, we enter the world of King David as he ascends to the throne of Israel as God’s chosen King. We see both his wisdom and foolishness, his pride and his humility, his amazing strength and hopeless weaknesses. We see a truly human leader who desperately needs the God who is with him.2 Samuel Artwork

This sermon shows that amidst the distress of Israel’s defeat and the death of their king, David does not seek to profit from the death of Saul his enemy. Rather, David’s public lament shows the depths of his love for Jonathan and respect for God’s anointed. We see David more concerned for the honour of Israel than his for his own honour, giving us hope of a good and humble king.

– Josh Ord

– Dave Swan

Read the Bible Text – 2 Samuel 1:1-27

Who is wise among you?

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Who is wise among you?

Be careful how you answer – because there are two different kinds of ‘wisdom’. On the one hand there is heavenly wisdom and on the other there is worldly wisdom.

A wise person, should probably examine themselves before they give an answer.Of course a Christian would want to say they were a ‘heavenly wise’ person. Indeed. Would others consider you to be?

James in his letter shows us the difference between these two kinds of wisdom – and helpfully suggests that the way to determine a heavenly wise person is to effectively ask those around them!

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Humble Ambition – Oxymoron?

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Humble Ambition! Sounds like an oxymoron, but not when it comes to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To be ambitious for the lost is demonstrated in a Christian who puts the needs of others before themselves. Paul says ‘in humility, consider others better than yourselves’ (Phil 2:3). This is not a statement of worth – it is a statement of purpose. As Christ did, the Christian can and should humble themselves in order to be a servant of others – even to the point of loss.

To be so captured by the gospel of Christ that you willingly sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others and the glory of God – is ambitious.

Let me offer five suggestions for putting this into practice at Church (thankful that so many in our Church family are shining examples of this principle)…

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