What We Believe

‘What do we believe?’ is an important question – the answer indicates the reasons why we do what we do at Trinity City.

Our beliefs are revealed in the Bible. They are summarised in the 39 Articles of Religion, and worked out in the principles and theology of the Book of Common Prayer.

Given this foundation, we believe that:

  • the Bible is the clearest way you can know God and is our authority in matters of life and practice.
  • you can come to God because of Jesus Christ.
  • church is to be an important time where we meet, learn from the Bible, serve, pray, sing and encourage one another.
  • the great news about Jesus Christ is not only for private consumption, but with respect and gentleness, is to be offered to all people.

We are evangelical, which means we are Christian and give ultimate authority to the Bible as God’s Word, desiring to maintain a Reformed and Protestant character in the expression of our beliefs.

From the time of the Apostles, Christians have laid out doctrines of truth. They are definitive statements set forth in a concise fashion as guided by scripture and enable us to guard one another from error and show our unity in Christ.

As an Evangelical Anglican Church, Holy Trinity affirms the truths laid out in the Nicene, Apostles and Athanasian Creeds.

Core Doctrines

So, what are our Core Doctrines? A ‘Doctrine’ is another way of saying ‘Truth Statement’.