How well do you know the songs we sing at Trinity City?

How well do you know the songs we sing at Trinity City?
Mark Peterson helpfully considers the nourishing effect of a good song repertoire sung over a long period.
Our repertoire contains about 100 contemporary congregational songs, plus a wide selection of traditional hymns. Occasionally it has been suggested to me that this is too many because it is difficult to learn so many songs well enough to sing them with gusto on Sundays. It has also been suggested a smaller list that changes more regularly, or drawing on more songs from well known sources to enable visitors from other churches to be instantly familiar with our material. I have thought about this long and hard over the years.

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Lessons Learned

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Friends it has been a while since the last 5pm Update (a good indication that things have been a bit full on!) – in fact there has not been an update since I returned from Study Leave for Easter. Thanks for allowing me time to get away.

Study Leave meant that I could attend a series of Conferences, visit a series of Churches and check-out some theological colleges. Refreshing? – Yes! Challenging? – At times! Educational? – Mostly! Beneficial? – I hope so, but you will need to be the judge of that.

There were so many times that I just felt immensely thankful to God for Trinity City and for 5pm Church and for the leaders we have and for the ministry that we do – and thankful because I could see other examples in the States of similar ministries or conversely I could see examples of things that were not done half as well as how Trinity does it (under God of course).

Here are 5 reflections with 5 corresponding challenges which may be of benefit for us.

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