Sermon – Harsh Justice & Eternal Hope (2 Samuel 21:1-14)

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In this sermon we hear about how King Saul’s reign left a history of offense against God. His judgement is experienced yet in the context of his mercy and faithfulness.

Read the Bible Text – 2 Samuel 21:1-14

– David Shead

– Josh Ord


Sermon – Calamity upon the House of David – Part 2 (2 Samuel 15-18)

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Through the twists and turns that has become the norm in King David’s household we see God painfully faithful to his word. His judgment remains on David’s house as Absalom rebels and David flees.  Yet it is God who remains on the throne, and preserves David’s place on it, frustrating the usurpers, protecting his king and removing those who defy him.

In the ups and downs that we know in life, who calls the shots? How do you benefit by trusting God in the good and the bad?

Read the Bible Text – 2 Samuel 14:45-19:8

Talk Outline – 2 Samuel 15-18

– Ken Noakes


Question: What part do we play in faith? How does that relate to the promises of God?

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What part do we play in faith? How does that relate to the promises of God? All through the Bible it seems a person has a great deal to do – for example David didn’t wait for God to slay Goliath?

Living in faith means to live trusting in the one you have placed your faith. Christians live by faith in God through Jesus Christ as enabled by the Holy Spirit.

In that sense ‘faith’ is the basic requirement of the person of God. It is not that faith saves (Jesus does that), but that faith is the way the saved person lives.

What does that have to do with the promises of God?

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