Sermon – Apostles Creed: Good Suffering

For thousands of years Christians have said the words of the Apostles’ Creed together. In the two talks which follow we look at the line in the creed ‘Suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried; he descended to the Dead’. These two talks together offer a helpful, yet different, treatment of this important and theologically loaded statement.

Read the texts – Isaiah 53:1-12; Matthew 27:11-54

This this talk, Nick Lindeback offers a narrative retelling of the trial, cross, death and burial of Jesus. In doing so he gives a broad overview of the importance of the atonement. Nick helps us to see how the Roman parades celebrating their military victories, set something of the context for the supposed ‘humiliation’ of Jesus – yet how by his wounds, and in his crucifixion, we see the coronation of the King of Kings.

In this talk, Dr Trace Akankunda looks at the significance of the sufferings and death of Jesus on the cross. He helps us to see Christ’s suffering in the context of salvation, and then helps us to rethink our own suffering in the context of hope.

Gospel Bite: The Problem of Pain and Suffering

A ‘Gospel Bite’ – a short answer to a commonly raised objection to the gospel.

The question of suffering looms large in the modern mind, particularly in light of disasters such as the 2004 tsanami in Asia, or the earthquakes in Christchurch, or the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011. Many of the issues need to be dealt with philosophically (does suffering disprove God’s existence?) or theologically (is God powerless to do anything?).

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