Question: What part do we play in faith? How does that relate to the promises of God?

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What part do we play in faith? How does that relate to the promises of God? All through the Bible it seems a person has a great deal to do – for example David didn’t wait for God to slay Goliath?

Living in faith means to live trusting in the one you have placed your faith. Christians live by faith in God through Jesus Christ as enabled by the Holy Spirit.

In that sense ‘faith’ is the basic requirement of the person of God. It is not that faith saves (Jesus does that), but that faith is the way the saved person lives.

What does that have to do with the promises of God?

God asks his people to live in the light of his promises. Notice that when God makes promises and also take responsibly for keeping those promises. In Genesis 12, it is God who is making the promises to Abraham (and beyond to the nation who will become Israel) and it is God who has the pressure to keep what he has said – he will need to provide the land, he will need to ensure that Abraham becomes a great nation and is given a great name. But that doesn’t mean that Abraham just sits back and watches. Abraham is asked to go to the land that God shows. Abraham exercises faith in doing what was asked of him (and he is commended for his faith in Genesis 15:6). In Genesis 17:9-14, the covenant that God made in chapter 12 is reaffirmed, but he asks his people to do something – keep the conditions of the covenant.

In the question, David was offered as an example. Although the David and Goliath account (1 Samuel 17) is not specifically connected to a promise or covenant of God, the point of the story is that David, a small boy with a slingshot and a few small stones is only able to defeat Goliath the armoured and strong giant because God has enabled him to do so. In other words, David exercising his faith in God, and is protected by God and given victory over Goliath.

One of the great things about having a relationship with God is that it is just that – a relationship. Two parties enjoy giving and taking in the relationship so that it is not just a one way affair. Yes, a lot is asked of a person of faith, but equally make sure you see what it is that God is asking of himself in each case.

And remember, you can also ask God for help as well – that is the privilege of prayer with the promise that God will always hear the prayer of a person who prays in faith (James 5:13-16).

What part do you play in faith?  A faithful person lives to be obedient to the one who has saved him.

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