Sermon – A Festal Garment (Song of Songs)

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Do you love a good party? Go back a millennium and you may have found yourself at an Israelite party – or ‘festival’ to be more accurate. Israel as the people for God conducted festivals which celebrated or reminded them of what God had done for his people. At these festivals they would read out one of their (Old Testament) scrolls – Ruth at Pentecost, Song of Songs and Passover, Ecclesiastes at the Feast of Tabernacles, Esther at Purim and Lamentations at the anniversary of the destruction of Jerusalem. This custom was not continued by the Christian church.

Yet these little books exist in our Bible and it is not often that you hear them preached. So, in our Five Festal Garments series we are going to look at these little biblical treasure troves and see what Christians can learn today as we get dressed to live godly lives.

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– Ben Smith



Sermon – True Romance (Song of Songs#1)

In this, the first of five sermons, Des Smith explores “the strangest book in the Bible”. In what appears to be a graphic and intense love poem Des explains how human romantic love points to a bigger love story for the whole world – between God and people. Song of Songs is indeed about one man and one woman, as well as men and women, and way they love each other. But that reality – romantic love and life-long commitment that is reflected in marriage – is a picture God placed in world to point towards the ultimate reality of his love for us. A love shown in the gospel as His Son died on a cross. In this sense Song of Songs is book for everyone because it ultimately points to the love of God for everyone.

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Read the Bible text: Song of Songs 1:1 to 2:2 , Genesis 2:15-25

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