Opinion: Challenge & Opportunity

I was asked the question: ‘What are the major challenges, and/or ministry opportunities, facing Australian churches in 2018?”

It is far above my station to be able to speak for just the church in which I serve let alone all Australian churches! And so with that caveat, I humbly offered this opinion in answer to that question:

Christians face the continued challenge to be in the world but not of it.

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Sermon – Adoption & Fellowship (1 John 2:28-3:10)

Sermon ‘Adoption & Fellowship’ (1 John 1:3, 2:28-3:10) by Ken D Noakes is available to stream or download: http://bit.ly/2vGblhv

Read the Bible text: http://bit.ly/2wrefUe

Full Script and Workings for this talk – Adoption & Fellowship (1 John 2.28-3.10)

Diagram (mentioned in the sermon): 1 John ‘Target’ demonstrating movement in or out of Confident Faith.Process of Faith Diagram 2.jpg

Fear of being Fake

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I fear being fake.

I have been a Christian for over 20 years now and there have been times when I have felt I have just been going through the motions. Is that wrong?

It is a horrible feeling, but as I have often said it is difficult to control feelings (although it is possible to manage feelings).

Christians are real people. We serve a real God, who really loves us and who is really disappointed when we sin. At this I am ashamed. I don’t want to sin, and I do. I want to be serious and active in my faith and yet at times I feel as if I am just taking it all for granted.

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