Sermon – Jesus Said…What!?: I AM Who I Am! (Exodus 3:1-17)

As a society, we have become somewhat immune to hearing outrageous claims. They are issued, capture some newsworthy attention, and then are fairly quickly ignored or pushed aside. Jesus issued some outrageous claims, in fact, claims that were far beyond what we hear today. In this Bible Talk series, we look at the “I AM…” statements from the gospel of John. Newsworthy – yes. Ignored – yes. Pushed aside – yes. Yet, to look into them we will see the glory of God in the person of Jesus Christ. It would be to our loss to be immune.

This talk explores God’s declaration “I AM WHO I AM” to Moses, the doubts Moses had, and our identity in Christ.

Read the text – John 5:16-30 Exodus 3:1-17

Sermon – JesusWORKS: Why believe the Resurrection?

JesusWORKS aims to introduce you to the Jesus of history by looking at his life, teaching and work. Primarily, it is for the person who wants to check out the claims of Jesus or the claims about Jesus – so that they can make up their own minds about him.

Yet, it is also for any Christian who wants to be prepared to give a reasoned answer for the hope that they have in the gospel of Jesus (1 Pet 3:15).

Jesus calls people to himself, yet he gives everyone the opportunity to examine him and his message before making that decision.

In this talk, we consider the claim that when people die, then that is the end and suggest that there is better news. The aim to is explain why the resurrection is fundamental to the Christian faith.

Read the Bible text – Mark 15:40-6:8; 1 Corinthians 15:1-19

Speaker: Ken Noakes
Speaker: Ken Noakes

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