Sermon – Aren’t All Religions the Same? (Acts 17:1-34/John 14:1-6)

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It is not unusual for all religions to be lumped into the same basket and dismissed collectively. Yet, even a cursory reading of the core texts of any religion will expose clear differences. What does Christianity offer that might helpfully encourage a person to look more deeply into the truths that the Bible reveals?

Read the Bible texts – Acts 17:1-34; John 14:1-6

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– Dave Swan


Book Review: We Cannot be Silent

We Cannot be Silent – Speaking truth to a culture redefining sex, marriage, & the very meaning of right & wrong by R. Albert Mohler Jr (Nashville: Nelson Books, 2015)


This is a helpful book which speaks into our culture in the face of many challenges to the biblical presentation of marriage and sex. Al Mohler is a Southern Baptist Pastor, an evangelical, a clear theological thinker, and is heard daily on The Briefing podcasts where he analyzes news and current events (in the US) from a Christian Worldview.

This places him well as a voice into the current western culture which is redefining marriage and sex often leaving Christians with questions and doubts about where they stand morally as they are often accused of being homophobic for standing against this cultural change.

We Cannot Be Silent is an easy and thought provoking read.

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A ‘sorry’ tale – with apologies!

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At 5pm Church TOGETHER this week we looked at what ‘Apologetics’ is and what the Christian Apologist might look like.

The apostle Peter called upon Christians to be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have (1 Peter 3:15). The greek word for ‘answer’ here is apologia[n] which means ‘a speech in defense’. It is where we get the English word ‘apology’ and it is where the idea of ‘apologetics’ is derived.

There are several times in the New Testament where a verbal answer is on show. It is used when someone is defending themselves against falsehood (e.g. Acts 22:1; 25:16; 1 Co. 9:3; 2 Co. 7:11; 2 Tim. 4:16) as well when someone is defending the gospel (e.g. Phil. 1:7, 16; 1 Pet. 3:15). Nothing sorry about that!

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