Sermon – Bold Prayers through a Great Deliverer in Psalm 22

How’s your prayer life? Perhaps you pray “plastic surgery” prayers – that look and sound OK but cover up how you are really feeling. In Psalm 22, Simon Marshman takes us to a ‘raw and real’ prayer of King David, to help us learn to rely upon our faithful God even though we may be struggling through difficult times.

Preacher: Simon Marshman

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Read the Bible text – Psalm 22

English Support Handout – Psalm 22


Sermon – #1 After the death of Joshua …

What can we learn from the way God deals with a disobedient Israel? The people of Israel had promised faithfulness to God but they repeatedly turned away to the idolatry of the surrounding nations, nations that were there because of their repeated failure to do what God had directed.

Preacher: Des Smith

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Read the Bible text – Joshua 24:14-28 and Judges 2:6-23

English Support Handout – Joshua 24:14-28 and Judges 2:6-23

Sermon Vision Sunday #4 – What’s Next?

What does the building of Israel’s great Temple have to do with us today? Listen to Des Smith as he explains why we should reflect on the faithfulness of King David and the people of Israel, as we think about our vision for 2019 and our preparedness to support this as we depend upon God to grow his kingdom.

Preacher: Des Smith

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Read the Bible text: 1 Chronicles 29

English Support Handout – 1 Chronicles 29

5pm Church Spiritual Health Check August 2018

Dear 5pm Church Family Member,

Each year on the first Sunday in August we have been conducting a ‘Spiritual Health Survey’ across our 5pm Church Family.


For those who have not yet filled out this Survey – your voice is important and so I would like to invite you to quickly fill out this survey. It will not take long at all.

The point of this survey is to help assess the spiritual health of 5pm – it is one of the ways that the leadership team gathers information to enable more focused teaching, training and pastoral care. Together we want to encourage one another in our walk and ministry of the gospel.

This is anonymous.

General Guidance – please mark the selection that best describes you or what you do

    • Regularly – means every opportunity (noting that sometimes we miss due to illness, travel etc.)
    • Often – means at least half of the opportunities
    • Sometimes – means sometimes

Thank you again for filling this out. And thank you for all you do to serve Jesus and his people in our Church family.

Start the Survey now