Practical Tips to being Bold in Witness (Part 6 of 7)

9 Tips which may help you be bold in Witness:

  1. Pray. Talk to God and ask for opportunity to be a witness. Pray for those you might get to speak too. Pray for what you might say.
  2. Be intentional. Write yourself a list of those around who you would like opportunity to speak with and think about what you might need to do to create the space and opportunity (under God) to talk about Jesus. They might be family members, work colleagues, school contacts, team mates, university friends and the list goes on and on.
  3. Learn how to explain the gospel. It will be difficult to proclaim the gospel clearly if you don’t know what to say. So, learn a simple way to explain the good news of Jesus. There are tracts, Bible apps, videos and books which may help. If you don’t know what is most helpful, ask.
  4. Learn how to give your testimony. Your story, as a Christian, involves Jesus because at some point you were confronted with the gospel (be as far back as you can remember or a particular time when you accepted the gospel). For your Christian testimony to be worth anything, it should be a testimony to Jesus using you as the example!
  5. Be bold by the power of the Holy Spirit. Your job is to bear witness to Jesus, it is not to convert people. Conversion is the job of the Holy Spirit. Be bold in testifying about Jesus. Say something when normally you wouldn’t. Work up the courage and give it a go! Recognise, however, that you are not responsible for how the person responds.
  6. Serve those you are trying to reach. Most relationships grow when people care for one another. Christians should know how to do this better than anyone. Find ways to serve and help those you want to reach with the gospel (e.g. provide meals when sick, help out with moving or cleaning or building something, babysit, help them with a work task…)
  7. Build relationship with those you are trying to reach. Sharing your life with someone will build relationship and so think of ways to invite the person you are trying to reach into your life (e.g. have them for a meal and invite some Christian friends, invite them to join you in social or sporting activities…)
  8. Speak about Jesus. Look for and take opportunities, individually (with those you come into contact with) and corporately (at your church evangelistic endeavours) to talk about Jesus. Help make Jesus famous! And when you speak about Jesus, know that you are carried along by the Holy Spirit.
  9.  Invite people to connect with Jesus. Don’t fear asking those you are trying to reach to accept Jesus for themselves. You might ask them to read the Bible with you, pray with you, come to church with you. The invitation won’t come from them, so boldly issue the invitation to meet Jesus.


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