God makes himself known – look at his Word!

The clearest way to know God is to listen to what he says!

One of the first things that we learn about God in the opening Chapter of the Bible is that he talks. ‘In the beginning God created’ and how did he do that? By his word ‘And God said: ‘Let there be light’…., and then God said: ‘Let there be an expanse between the waters…, and then God said: ‘let there be sky’… and so it goes on for seven days (Genesis 1:1-2:3).

Each of the special acts of creation come about by the word of God. What he creates is new and wonderful and he does that by uttering his words.

If the significance of that is lost on you, give it a go! Test the power of your words. Create something by your words and only your words – ‘Let there be a ham sandwich’! How did you go? I think I can guess!

God speaks and it is by his word that things happen – and so it should not be a surprise that one of the most precious and important possessions we have in all of life is our Bible.

When the Bible speaks – God speaks. When you listen to what the Bible is saying – you are listening to God talking to you. When you do what the Bible asks you to do – you are being obedient to God.

In 2 Timothy 3:16 the Apostle Paul tells Timothy his younger brother in faith something about the Bible that we should never forget:

‘All scripture is God-breathed and it is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so the person of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.’

All scripture – not just part of scripture, all of it comes from God.

And that scripture is God-breathed – which is a way of saying that it comes from God’s own mouth – he speaks and breathes out the very books that form the scriptures we have.

We should see the Bible as a different kind of book to any other book there is. This book comes with the authority of God.

If you want to know God, more than a general view. If you want to understand God and know his specific will – then you need to look at his Word and listen to what he says.

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God makes himself known – look his Word!

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