Listening to the Word

I had never read anything like it! It was amazing, it was as if the words were leaping off the page and calling out to me – these words were for me!

Those chariot journeys were a good time to read and reflect. Work was so busy and so much was asked of me. My day job is Head Official overseeing the Royal Treasury. I like the responsibility and I feel honoured to be working for the Ethiopian Queen making sure my people are provided for well. Not all eunuchs are given much respect so I know I am in a fortunate position.

I can’t tell you how I came across the scroll but I have to say it blew my mind.

It was the whole book of Isaiah a section of the Jewish Scriptures. I had heard of it, but being a eunuch and being Ethiopian meant that access to that book wasn’t normal. And as I read it I just remember being captivated, but having no idea why? It didn’t make sense at least to me.

‘Do you understand what you are reading?’ he asked. Made me jump! Looking in the window of my chariot was this guy – he must have heard me reading it out loud. ‘How can I?’ I said, ‘I need someone to explain it to me’.

The section I had just read was talking about this most unfortunate person – a man slaughtered like a sheep, who didn’t raise a word of defence just like a lamb being sheared for the first time. He was humiliated, he was deprived of justice, he was childless! I had no idea who he was, but my Lord, not many even of my own people had it so bad.

So Philip, my new friend at the window, jumped into the cabin and explained it to me. My word! Isaiah was talking about a guy called Jesus. No wonder I was captivated. Here were words written generations earlier all about a man who lived in my generation, who died for those who he came to save! Who died for me! Little Ethiopian Eunuch me!

It was that very day when I gave my life to follow him – and right then and there we stopped, I stepped into a puddle by the side of the road, and Philip baptised me in the name of Jesus.

That day I went from serving my Queen to worshipping the King of all – and it all started because I read his book.

And just like that Philip was gone!!

Inspired by Acts 8:26-40


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