Book Review: 40 Rockets

40 Rockets – Encouragement and tips for turbocharging your evangelism at work by Craig Josling & City Bible Forum (Sydney: Matthias Media, 2017).


For any worker, so much of any given week is given to a job. For any Christian worker, this is their prime mission field.

Yet, how do you make the most of that opportunity? It is scary at points. There are risks. There are restrictions and workplace guidelines all of which need to be obeyed. No one said that talking about Jesus was a picnic, yet it is still our commission.

This book attempts to help – in a very practical sense.

It is called ’40 Rockets’ because in it are 40 tips, suggestions, encouragements which all aim to equip the Christian worker in their workplace evangelism. A shot in the metaphorical arm for speaking the good news. There is evangelistic gold here.

I like the very short and sharp chapters – each easy and quick to read. At points there are suggestions to stop and consider, or pray, or take action. This is the kind of book you could easily read on the way to work, or together at your Evangelistic Prayer Team (EPT), or at the end of a personal devotion – and each ‘rocket’ lends itself to some good reflection.

When you read it, keep you eyes pealed for some helpful ‘rockets’ such as:

  • the reminder of the benefits of prayer when trying to evangelize at work (Rocket 2).
  • the encouragement to re-read a gospel ourselfs – to be reminded of the wonder of Jesus (Rocket 7).
  • Tips for being more open about being a Christian at work (Rocket 8).
  • The folly of allowing work to define us (Rocket 10) or the danger to allow work to squeeze out our gospel priorities (Rocket 24).
  • The balance between realism and optimism when it comes to inviting work colleagues to a Christian event (Rocket 13).
  • Using Romans 6:23 ‘For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord’ as a simple way to explain the gospel (Rocket 18).
  • A recipe for moving conversations from the mundane to the meaningful (Rocket 20).
  • How to be gracious if conflict comes (Rocket 26).
  • Principles for using news and current affairs to talk about Jesus (Rocket 28).
  • Tips for reading the Bible one-to-one with a work colleague (Rocket 34).
  • Making the most of Easter (Rocket 3) and Christmas (Rocket 39).

I also like, that this book doesn’t aim to make you feel guilty when your efforts appear fruitless. It encourages the Christian worker to rest in the grace of God and we do the work that Jesus has commissioned Christians to do by the power and enabling of the Spirit.

If you want help reaching your workplace for Jesus – have a read.

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