A Testimony – The Value of EPT’s (Evangelistic Prayer Teams)

From Paul J (at 5pm Church)

As workers we spend more time with work colleagues that just about anyone else in given week.  In many ways this is our biggest – time wise – and best opportunity to reach people with the Gospel.  Many Christian workers can get into a mindset where we think on the things of God on a Sunday and during a midweek Bible Study but find our faith and its outworkings are essentially on cruise control during the bulk of the daytime work week.  It’s important that we motivate and energize each other to share our faith.

Being part of an EPT helps to keep me focused on building relationships and to look for particular opportunities to share aspects of my faith.  These happen right around our city, and many 5pm’ers are involved in an EPT. These also happen around the country in the other capital cities.

Sometimes it can feel like it’s me (or us) against the world in our workplaces and that can feel like a large weight on our shoulders.  Being reminded that it’s not just us – that there are many others looking for effective ways to share their faith at work – encourages me to keep at it and to continue to be diligent in looking for those opportunities.

If you want more info or want to hook up to a Evangelistic Prayer Team (EPT) then email 5pmChurch@trinitycity.org.au

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