Book Review: Honest Evangelism

Honest Evangelism – How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough by Rice Tice with Carl Leferton (UK: Good Book Company, 2015).Honest Evangelism

Reviewed by Peter Blyth

I hope everyone has a great and wonderful new year and to pray for opportunities to share and be witnesses to Christ’s identity, mission and call to respond to him in faith.

I have be reading a short little book by Rico Tice (Associate Minister at All Souls Langham Place, London) and I think it is really helpful and offers some great tips to engage our family and friends with the good news of who Jesus is. There are simple yet effective ways of speaking Jesus into peoples hearts.

Following are some helpful hints summarized from the book:

Identity: The Son of God – Jesus is no ‘ordinary guy’ he had authority and power over sickness, the weather, impure spirits and even death itself (Mark 1-5).

Mission: Why Jesus came – Jesus quotes Isaiah 61:1-2 at the start of his public ministry and tells Peter later on why he left Heaven to come to earth and how he is to be killed and to rise again (Mark 8:31).

Calling: What it means for us – Jesus informs us of what it means to follow him after claiming to be the Son of God, healing and showing his authority, he declares we must now respond to him and deny ourselves (Mark 8:34).

Rico helpfully reminds us that we can’t convert people, but we should tell people about Jesus. So we can say things like ‘Well Jesus said he was the Son of God…..’ and  ‘The Bible says he came to reconcile people back to God the Father’ and ‘Jesus said that the response he wants from people is to follow him – that means looking at what he is saying in the Bible’.

I have followed this three step logic – identity, mission, calling – and found that it really does take the pressure of me to prove what the Bible says is true. God grows, we sow seeds and water ( 1 Cor 3:6).

I pray for great gospel conversations over the holiday period and I will keep praying that you will also recognize the opportunities before you and be used to lift up the name of Jesus. Please invite people to hear some great sermons at 5pm Church over the next few weeks.

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