Come Let US Adore HIM

5pm Christmas Logo

O Come All Ye Faithful, that famous Christmas carol which contains the line ‘O come, let us adore him’ is itself an invitation. It calls people together, specifically those who see themselves to be faithful, to join together at Christmas for three reasons:

O Come All Ye Faithful

Reason number 1 – to be joyful and triumphant. What is it that we should be so joyful and triumphant about? The celebration of another year almost done, of holidays, of family coming together, of good food and presents to enjoy, of a hopefully triumphant cricket or tennis season, of hot swimming weather – maybe all of the above? This carol however says to be joyful and triumphant because the one who is the king of the angels is born – Christ the Lord.

Reason number 2 – to sing in exaltation. Of what? Most Australians shun the idea of singing unless they are at the cricket (‘Come on Aussie, Come on’), on a talent show (‘X Factor’, ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ or ‘The Voice’) or in the shower (for the benefit of our very patient loved ones)! This carol invites us to sing with the choir of angels who hear the word of God and give him praise for what he has done in sending his son – Christ the Lord.

Reason number 3 – the Lord is with Us. What? Where? Did I miss him?! There is a lot before us at Christmas – Christmas trees, Santa, lights, shopping catalogues, pageants, Carols in umpteen parks, presents. All of this is just an add-on to what Christmas was first and foremost about – the coming of the Lord, the Word of the Father, in flesh, appearing to those who would see – Christ the Lord.

All Hail, Lord, we greet thee – Christ the Lord.

Come let US adore HIM – what an invitation.


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