Almost Party Time! Time to get ready.

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Christmas is coming (‘Already – please, it comes around so fast’!)

Some of us will be more active than others when it comes to inviting family, friends and colleagues, but let me say that Christmas is one of the easiest times to invite people to church things – we are helped that the retail calendar has been arranged around gospel events (i.e. Christmas and Easter).

There are three intentional steps which will help in inviting someone.

  1. Pray
  2. Discern
  3. Invite


If you are doing the good work that God prepared in advance for you to do (Eph 2:10), it is wise to involve him in the work!

On Sunday (at church) we all received a ‘Christmas Prayer Card’ – it is not rocket science (thankfully), but it prompts us to think about who we could possible invite to celebrate Christmas with us.

Here is a tip: Start praying by starting to pray for yourself! (‘Lord, give me daily opportunities to have conversations about Jesus, and give me the guts to not shrink away!’)

And then turn your attention to those you know or come in contact with. Write a list of names of those in your networks and then start praying for them now so that later, when you get to the point of inviting them to something, then your prayers would have already been asked in relation to them.

Missed out? – you can download the ‘Christmas Prayer Card’ from here.


Not every event at Christmas should be suitable for everyone that you could invite (‘Gran, I was wondering if you would come to ‘Kid’s Christmas’ with me?!’). But there should be a least one event that should be suitable (for my Gran it would be both the ‘Traditional Christmas’ gathering or the ‘Christmas Day at Trinity’ gathering. For my neighbour it would be ‘Carols in the Adelaide Town Hall’).

Think through your list and discern which events would be particularly helpful to invite someone too.


Now we do what we have (under God) been planning.

A helpful tip – ask for permission from the person you plan to invite before inviting them! (‘Barry, I want to invite you to something my church is doing, but before I do, let me ask you if you would be alright with that?’)

If they say ‘Yes’ (and who wouldn’t if you asked that respectfully), then invite them.

A second tip here – we are a Church family, you don’t have to do this alone. Why not band together with someone and intentionally encourage and pray for one another in your inviting efforts.

Christmas is too good an opportunity to celebrate only with those who know Jesus – let’s include those who at this point are missing the party!

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