What is it about God that most amazes Duncan?

‘The Gospel brings me to tears. After Jesus’ resurrection, his friends failed to immediately recognise him, but he was gracious and gentle in revealing himself until they finally saw and embraced him. When I reflect on this it brings me to tears because it is so similar with me! We can know Jesus well and yet not recognise him. We often fail to honour and love the one who loves us most.

 ‘I grew up with parents who believed in God’s existence, but they didn’t have a personal relationship that knew Jesus as Lord and Saviour. They recognised the importance of knowing the Bible and sent me to our local church’s Sunday School, for which I am most thankful. Before I reached the age of 10 their support for attending Sunday School suddenly stopped. I clearly remember the shame I felt when I could no longer go to worship and learn about my God. Without church community I slowly stopped recognising God’s sovereignty in this world and in my life. As I entered high school I started pursuing the values of this world. Yet God was never far away.

 ‘In my twenties I lived in China. I loved my job—the huge responsibilities and freedoms that I was given. But I was so far from God, and so lonely. I recall one weekend being alone in my office on the 23rd floor of one of thousands of skyscrapers in Shanghai, and feeling so small and alone. I cried out to God in desperation, asking him why I couldn’t just be home in Australia and working in a small office on North Terrace. Twenty years later I realise he answered that cry of desperation—I now work full-time here at Trinity City!

 ‘God never lets us go. I’m so thankful that God led me to my beautiful wife, who in turn led me back into Christ’s arms. She didn’t judge my confused understanding of God but showed love and patience as we started a journey together with God in marriage. Every day through prayer, community, the Holy Spirit and God’s Word, my love for him grows deeper and deeper. To know that God loves us more than anything we can fathom—that he sacrificed his son, Jesus, so that we can call him “Father”—is more than amazing. And all he asks in return is that we believe what he has done through his Son. Even more amazing is that he will never let us go, but will keep calling us sinners to himself, especially when we call to him in desperation.

 ‘It’s one thing to believe in God, but to trust him and know of the redemption offered through Jesus is something else—it’s a totally different ball game! No love is higher, no love is wider and no love is stronger than the love of our Lord. Call to him, be patient but ever seeking. He will never fail you.’

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