A Time to Act and Make a Difference


I would be surprised if you were not aware of the persecution that many Syrian and Iraqi refugees have experienced at the hands of ISIS. I would be even more surprised if you didn’t know about the persecution that Christians especially are suffering.

We can act – and the time is now.

The Australian government has pledged to take in 12,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria. Originally they said that priority would be given to Christians; then this was changed to priority for “persecuted minorities”. We have a short window of opportunity to influence the choosing of the 12,000.

5 minutes to write a short email to your local MP is time very well spent.

Please ask, urge your MP to stand up for Christians – perhaps the most persecuted minority of the Middle East. A suggested letter is below, but it is more effective if you use your own words. Those who have time could visit their MP in person. (Visit here to find your local member).

You might also see value in forwarding this request to others who can show a Christian concern.

We need to act now. When the 12,000 visas have been issued, it will be too late.

A Suggested Letter


Dear ______________,

Please give refuge to persecuted Christians from the Middle East.

I am very pleased that the government has pledged to give refuge to 12,000 people from persecuted minorities in Syria and Iraq. Christians are amongst the most vulnerable and persecuted in the region.

Their lives are in immediate danger, especially from Islamic State. They have fled their homes but they are not living in the main refugee camps because they have a well-founded fear of persecution from the Muslim majority in the camps.

Please do all you can, as an urgent priority, to ensure that many Christians are included in the 12,000 to be settled in Australia.

Yours sincerely,

INSERT YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS (even if sending by email, it is important to include your physical address to show that you are a constituent)

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