As I sit here writing this testimony in the Trinity MAP office overlooking North Tce and as I do frequently during the day, I can never get too frustrated or concerned over whatever it is I am doing (or attempting to do!). This is because as I look over at where the skate park used to be before the new developments were underway, I always remember that is where I used to meet my drug dealer on occasions, right opposite where I am now a Ministry Apprentice. This is a humbling experience and an important reminder of where I was in my life before I knew Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.

I grew up in a family that didn’t go to church at all and where religion and politics were rarely mentioned. My Mum and Dad were divorced early in my life and my Mum had been diagnosed with cancer in her stomach, which went into remission but returned later in the form of a brain tumor when I was 19. My Mum passing away was dramatic for me and I (and my sister) had already turned to drugs and alcohol which progressed towards a heavy dependence intravenously to amphetamines.

This addiction overtook a 14 year period of my life and sent me through all the twists and turns of living the life of a drug addict, even almost losing my life on occasions due to debts and keeping very shady company. This eventually led me to homelessness and to where my mental health was also starting to impact me. In a moment of helplessness I called out to God and he answered!

God in his great love and mercy led me to a homeless shelter which was located in the City. One day while walking around I saw a street evangelist, a war veteran handing out Bibles in Rundle Mall. I accepted a copy and took it with me, it changed my life dramatically! Although I didn’t look at it straight away I kept it with me wherever I went, and after a period of time I read the words of life from Jesus that worked on my heart, and delivered me instantly from a Meth habit and I was delivered into his loving arms and free to be who I am a child of God! I used to have needles in my arms, and now I have a Bible in my hand praise be to God for he alone has the power to save!

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