Suffering and the Saint

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In Job Chapters 1-2 we get to peak in on a conversation between God and Satan.

God:      Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.

Satan (my paraphrase): Of course he is going to be blameless and upright – you protect him and his household and you bless him – if you weren’t so protective he would curse you to your face!

What a cynic. It is so easy to think the worse of someone instead of the best! (notably – a pattern we always see in Satan!)

But does he have a point?!

If everything for Job was good then how is his faith tested? If he had never suffered, then how would anyone know if indeed he was faithful (interestingly God already knows!)?

Cynicism my friends, is a sign of unbelief.

We would not want to wish the suffering and pain that Job experienced on anyone – even your enemy. And we would not want to take anything away from those who have suffered, or those who are suffering. In grief it is very difficult to truly understand the depth of hurt that another is going through.

But suffering is not the enemy of the saint. In suffering, those who know God through Jesus have someone to call on. The cynicism of the unbeliever will not help them in their time of need.

Job demonstrated great faith in the midst of his suffering – even when answers did not present themselves, God is silent, the pain increased, and the ridicule and abandon of friends showed itself.

How robust in your faith? How will you fair when suffering comes?

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