We recently celebrated the baptism of Gill. Keep reading to find out how she discovered God’s love and forgiveness!

‘I used to believe that if you did something wrong, you should be punished so that the wrongdoings could be offset. I thought I could live my life according to my will as long as I could bear the consequences. I liked to look strong and responsible in my behaviour, but I was actually weak and guilty inside.

‘The moment that my heart was touched and I avowed myself to Jesus was when I heard that he has already paid my debts and ransomed me by dying on the cross for me. Jesus took all my sins on him to allow me to reunite with God. He sacrificed himself in order to lead me back to God’s side. I never imagined that I was so deeply loved and totally forgiven. I felt shocked and shameful and more than thankful to him. I’m grateful that God let me hear his words and understand them.’

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