How did Cam discover meaning and purpose in life?

“I was raised in a household that claimed to be Christian and went to an Anglican school for twelve years; but in all this time I was never taught the Bible. During high school my best mate had a living faith. He was not afraid to defend it and was quite able to do so; to my chagrin I could not cause him to stumble. He was able to resist all of the folly and temptation that surrounded him for years, and stuck by me even as I made one awful decision after another. All of this he did with patience and humility. God was laying some groundwork—by the end of school I had no significant intellectual barriers to faith but had not understood my depravity or my need for redemption.

 “My time at uni was a season of mounting indulgence and destruction. I was restless and an emptiness festered inside me that robbed me of any drive to achieve even basic ends. With wanton negligence I failed entire courses, got fired from jobs and did dangerous, stupid things. There was no anxiety in all this; I just didn’t care, such was the meaninglessness of it all to me. God was bringing me to my knees.

 “Rather than address the central issue, I dropped out and joined the army. But God cannot be fooled. Boot camp forced me to evaluate my life, mostly by confronting me with people like myself—carnal, violent, mercenary, contemptuous. I had always been uneasy with my ways, but they revelled in it. My disgust for this made me realise I was disgusted with myself. Seeking a little solace from the insanity of training also drove me at long last to the Bible. But I had little understanding. I resolved to find a church after I got posted—it was time to figure out what it was that gave my mate from school such peace, joy and confidence under all circumstances.

 “At the cross of Christ I have found the meaning and purpose of all things from the mundane to the profound—Jesus redeems all of creation for the glory of God. Now, mystery beyond reckoning, He invites me to share in this work at great cost to Himself. In my heart was an emptiness that I only ever made worse, but God fills me to overflowing with the conviction that the world must know this truth.”

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