And your mission should you choose to accept it…

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5 AWAY was fantastic. What a terrific encouragement.

Great Talks. Great Fellowship. Great Laughs. Great dress-ups! Great time of prayer. Great 5 AWAY. Can I commend the talks for download – they are worth a listen. [Office – please insert the hyperlink to the talks on the website]

Friends on the weekend we ‘launched’ the Hello Neighbour 5pm Church mission.

What a privilege to be a new creation in Jesus. And what an opportunity to help others know him as well.

Our mission is called ‘Hello Neighbour’ – because we all have neighbours and so we can all be involved in big or small ways with this mission. The aim: Reach to love and serve those who don’t know Jesus yet.

There are a few key areas to this mission:

Prayer for Hello – if you did only one thing as part of this mission – please pray for those in your sphere of contact who don’t know Jesus yet.

Hello Come Over – The idea here is social. It is to strengthen some of the connections that you already have. In the month of May, would you consider inviting a small group to your home for a meal or BBQ. Just because! Enjoy getting to know those around you and allow them to know you.

Hello Streets – We are collecting items that could be put in ‘Care Packs’ to give those who call the streets their home. This is being organized through the Home Groups. Your Home Groups Leaders should led you on the details of this fun initiative. It all comes together at church on Sunday 31st May.

Hello City Dweller – We are getting good at inviting those who live in the city to come to church via letterboxing. Before May 23rd we are going to try and letterbox some specific sections of the city – those with higher residential concentration. And the invite will ask those who have homes to bring something along to church to donate to those who don’t. Pick-up the letterbox flyers and instructions at church this Sunday. Fun and keeps you fit.

Hello SAHMRI and New RAH – We are seeking permission at the moment, but we hope to give out ‘Hello’ donuts on one morning of the week commencing 18th May. More info to come when we get permission. Please pray and talk about possible involvement in this one off exercise.

Mission Sundays at 5pm Church – Finally, on the two last Sundays in May, our Sunday gathering will be particularly seeker sensitive attempting to answer two questions that people often ask of God.

24th May – If you could ask God: Does Religion cause Violence?

31st May – If you could ask God: If so loving, why send people to Hell?

Friends, please prayerfully get on board with these initiatives. This should be core business.

Happy to talk further.

5pm Church (and therefore Trinity City) GIVING

An update on our finances as at the end of the March quarter. Presently Trinity City is carrying a deficit of $44,000. This figure is to expenditure rather than budget.

It could be that you consider yourself a member of 5pm Church but do not have a regular giving pattern to support the ministry. This is a timely opportunity to consider joining us in financial partnership.

Electronic arrangements are the most reliable for ensuring regular giving. If you’d like the e-details about giving please access the website at:

For those who already have giving arrangements in place, thank you for your ongoing partnership. Some may be able to be in a position to review and increase their giving. If that’s you, we are very grateful for your prayerfully considering this.

At the same time we would ask your prayers for those in our community who are facing the reality of unemployment, or other financial strains, that they would be aware of God’s sustaining through the trying periods.

Ensuring our financial health enables us to continue effective Kingdom ministry as we seek to grow the Body of Christ and promote his Kingdom.

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