Commitment vs. Involvement

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‘The difference between being involved and being committed is like the difference between eggs and bacon – the chicken is involved, the pig is committed’    (Martina Navratilova)

We need to support ministry of the gospel in three ways – in doing, giving and prayer.

1. Serve the gospel by doing – getting involved in ministry.

I am eager to hear if you would like to commit to serve in a ministry in some form at 5pm. How can you use your skills, gifts and passions for the gospel – no matter how creative!?

2. Serve the gospel financially – to ensure that ministry is resourced

We need help to lift our regular committed giving. Can you help?

3. Serve the gospel by praying – to ensure that we talk to God about ministry

In many ways this is the hardest to do. Being disciplined in prayer! Sounds strange, but the reality is that many of us struggle to be committed in prayer. Our dependence on God here is paramount. Let’s pray and pray and pray – and ask that God will do what is best.

“Generosity means very little if it does not damage the luxury of our own lives.”  (William Wilberforce)

For us all, thank God for the ways we have committed ourselves in serving the gospel – especially in the areas where it has damaged ‘the luxury of [your] lives’.

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