Historical Christian South Australian Trivia! Colonel Robert Torrens

Colonel Robert Torrens (1780 – 1864)

Robert Torrens

An army officer, an economist, media owner (The Globe newspaper) and served politically in the House of Commons (in London) from 1826 to 1835. More importantly he was a Christian.

In 1827 he addressed the House of Commons clearly stating his belief that by God’s providence the gospel along with the gift of civilization should be sent to ‘natives of the Southern Continent’. His request was granted and so the establishment of South Australia was commissioned and he became the first chairman of the colonization commission for South Australia.

The River Torrens is believed to be named after him. He was the father of the third Premier of South Australia Sir Robert Richard Torrens.

Isn’t it awesome to think that Adelaide was set up right from the start (of English settlement) with an intention to have the gospel proclaimed?!

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