Sermon – If loving, God why send people to hell? (Luke 16:19-31)

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‘Hell’ is a repulsive concept and the one thing that proponents and objectors both agree upon, it is that ‘hell’ is a place to be avoided.

In this talk we look at what the Bible says about ‘hell’. It is real, people really are going there – but there is someone who really doesn’t want you there.

Read the Bible text – Luke 16:19-31

Talk Outline – If so loving why send people to Hell?

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– Ken Noakes


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Scaring the hell out of you!

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Part 3 on Hell! First we looked at why we should talk about hell. Next we looked at why we don’t. This week let’s consider what hell actually is!

Why even consider this topic? Please read on…

Hell is…

So what is hell?

Hell is not that difficult a concept to grasp – but definitely hard to stomach!

Hell is a place of eternal conscious punishment for the wicked.

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What the Hell!

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Welcome to part 2 on Hell! Last week we looked at four reasons why we should talk about hell, so why don’t we?

This week, to continue this rosey topic, let’s consider four reasons why we don’t talk about hell!

1 . People don’t believe in it

When you look at the way our society presents the idea of hell – the idea is often mocked. Several episodes of the Simpsons poke fun. There are businesses which use little devils to market themselves. And the idea of hell is used to promote first world products or services – from ice cream to insurance.

Hell is a toothless idea – in the minds of many.

2. It is objectionable

We don’t talk about hell because it is objectionable. It is not polite, it is affronting.

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O Hell!

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Welcome to a super rosey edition of the 5pm Update. Let’s talk about Hell!

Over the next few weeks I want to spend some time talking about this unpopular subject.

Why talk about hell, I hear you ask?

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For Heaven’s Sake (Part 1)

101 5pm church update headerSeveral weeks ago (in preparation for the 5pm Church Mission) I wrote three articles on the wonderfully rosy topic of Hell!

  1. O Hell – why talk about it?
  2. What the Hell – why we don’t talk about it?
  3. Scaring the Hell out of you – What is hell! 

I said I would return to the more digestible topic of Heaven and given that we are now working our way through Revelation, this is a good time. From one of the most unpopular doctrines to one of the most!

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