Growing Pains

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Ed – Written on 20th March 2013

As I read through the Acts of the Apostles I realize I am dealing with a unique book in the Bible. Acts links the gospel accounts of Jesus to the ministry letters of Paul, James, John and Peter – in other words – Acts gives us an understanding of how the ministry that Jesus commissioned his disciples to do, turned out (at least in that first generation) as the first church of Christians was established.

One of the key themes that appears in Acts is ‘growth’. Look at this…

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Gospel Growth

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I am perplexed!

The Acts of the Apostles provides us as readers with an account of the development of the early church – the first Christian church. Acts 1 sets the context following the resurrection of Jesus and then gloriously recounts his ascension to the right hand of God. Acts 2 logically follows with the coming of the Holy Spirit as the apostles led by Peter start doing what they were called to do – proclaim Jesus.

Then Chapter 3 through to 6:7 hit us, and at first, seem to be a random assortment of events stuffed all together presumable for the readers benefit. Where is the logic that we have become so accustomed to from Luke?

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