Membership (Part 2 of 5)


In the world that we live in, ‘Membership’ is a fairly common idea. We have memberships to libraries, sports clubs, magazines or journals, road service organisations, schools, clubs, gyms, churches and much more.

We pay, to secure some benefit – be it the ability to borrow books, or to secure good seats to watch our favourite sport, or to receive the magazine that interests us, or guarantee help if the car breaks down, or help for the school to give our children a better education, or a vote in the club that we belong, or cheaper entry to be able to use exercise equipment. You get the drift!

In many ways, the benefits of ‘membership’ in our secular world mirrors ‘membership’ in a church, but not completely – there is a difference.

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Belong or Believe?

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Why is it that we belong?

There is a tension often in Christian communities – the tension of wanting more and more people to feel comfortable and welcome so that they may enjoy a sense of belonging to a body which likes to be together. Yet on the other hand, being a people who believe and respond to the Word of God – when at times that Word challenges, or confronts, or asks something of the person which is not that comfortable.

Which comes first? Belonging or Belief?

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