Adelaide the most livable city!!!

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The two newspapers I most often read online are Adelaide Now and The Sydney Morning Herald. This week I had to laugh.

Front Page on Adelaide Now was ‘[Adelaide] City most livable for three years running’ (3/3/12) while front page on the Herald was ‘Sydney second least livable city in Australia’ (3/3/12).

Should we really care about this?!! I mean, what makes a city ‘livable’ will vary from person to person in the same way that our individual preferences change over which ice cream we may each like to eat! If you are interested, Adelaide tops the list because it is the most affordable place to buy a house (because of course that is the most important measure), has a good standard of living (compared to what?) and is clean (obviously Sydney has not been cleaning their toilets as regularly!).

I wonder what assessment God would hand down if asked?!

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