City Light

Logo with borderWould you like to be a blessing to people who are really in need?

City Light is a ministry of Trinity City which aims to shine a Gospel light before others so that they might see good deeds & glorify the Father in heaven (Matt 5:16).

It focuses on helping refugees or those who face homelessness, mental illness and other difficulties.

Can you volunteer?

We are currently looking for people to help serve at Westcare.

What: Prepare and serve food in a soup kitchen (with others from church).
Where: WestCare Day Centre, 216 Wright St Adelaide (adjacent to Millers Court)
When: From 10am – 1.30pm on a Sunday – either Feb 25, Apr 15, Jul 22, Sep 9 (in 2018)

Please note: a national police check or DCSI clearance is required. This is free of charge and takes 2-3 weeks for us to arrange. We will make this a simple as possible.

Respond here:

Gemma M (who leads the City Light ministry) will get in contact soon.

Thanks for considering this wonderful opportunity to reach out to our neighbours together!

Forward thinking – National Police Check Forms

Police Check Steps For Westcare Volunteers from Trinity City

Police Check Form (Filled out example)

Police Check Form