Leading Adults

TrainingWORKS – Ministry Training Modules

Seminar 1A (AM) – Purpose of Growth Groups (Participant Notes)

Leaders Seminar 1B – Mission Minded Discipleship (Participant Notes)

Leaders Seminar 1C – What does a Bible Passage Mean (Participant Notes)

Small Group Leaders Seminar 2A- Starting and Stages of Small Group (Participants Notes)

Seminar 2D (AM) – Bible Study Prep Template

Seminar 2D (AM) – Bible Study Template

Leaders Seminar 3C – Pastoral Care for Small Groups (Participants Notes)

Leaders Seminar 3D – Serving and the Role of Small Groups (Participant Notes)

Small Group Leaders Seminar 4B – Difficult Dynamics (Participant Notes)

Small Group Leaders Seminar 4C – The Role of Small Groups in Sending People Out (Participant Notes)

Small Group Leaders Seminar 4D – Differences in Leading Easterners & Westerners in a Small Group Setting (Participants Notes)

Leaders Seminar 5A – Planning Principles for Small Group (Participants Notes)

Leaders Seminar 5B – Delving Deep – Ecclesiology: Nature of the Church (Participant Notes)

Leaders Seminar 5C – Delving Deep – Ecclesiology: Sacraments – Lord’s Supper (Participants Notes)

Leaders Seminar 5D – Delving Deep – Ecclesiology: Church Discipline (Participants Notes)

For the Leader Notes of any of the above seminars, please email a request to: admin@lmap.org.au

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