Faithful in Prayer (Part 1 of 6)

The earth moved! If I ever thought that prayer was weak, then all I needed to do was remember back to that day, to that prayer meeting, when the ground shook, and by the Holy Spirit, we spoke the word of God boldly!

It happened like this…

The apostles had been healing and teaching and proclaiming that Jesus had risen from the dead and our number had grown to about five thousand – can you believe that? Five thousand! If it had not been for the seemingly unbelievable news about Jesus rising back to life, news that so many people had become believers would seem just too far-fetched, but now – anything seemed possible!

So many who heard the news believed, well almost everyone. The priests, the temple guard and the Sadducees weren’t very happy – they were the ones who seized Peter and John and threw them into jail! And the next day it was the rulers, elders and the teachers of the law in Jerusalem who questioned them. It didn’t make sense, all these authority figures, yet they could not see what was plain to all. Jesus had risen and it was in his name that people were being healed and saved.

Ridiculously, those ‘authorities’ seemed at a loss! They couldn’t deny the miracles that were happening right before their eyes, and they could see that Peter and John were just unschooled, ordinary people, and they could see that the people were praising God for what had been happening – so they just told them to keep their mouths shut and set them free! As if!!

When Peter and John got to us, it was amazing. They told us what the chief priests and elders had said and all we could really do was lift our voices to God in prayer. From a human point of view, what was happening all around just seemed so random and chaotic – logic had been thrown out the window. But for God, it all happened just as he intended.

We prayed: Sovereign Lord, you made it all – everything we see. And Lord, you spoke – through King David. You told us about what would happen to your anointed one. And Lord, when Herod and Pontius Pilate together with the Gentiles and the Jews in this city all conspired against Jesus – they all did what you had decided would happen long before! So Lord, as you were in control then, we know you are in control now – so strengthen and enable us as your servants to do what you want us to do in the name of Jesus.

After we prayed, it was as if God was telling us he had heard – the earth shook.

We have been faithful in prayer ever since.


Inspired by Acts 4:1-31

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