What does a Christian do with the Bible?

What place should the Bible have in a Christians life? Any tips?

An essential Christian discipline is to read or listen to the Bible regularly through the week. It would be a shame if the secular news cycle had more of a voice into your life each week than the Word of God.

The battle to put the Word of God before the word of the world is ongoing. Each time you read or watch the news (an activity which in itself is not wrong), you subject yourself to the opinions of the journalist who is accountable only to an opinion that makes news! Our secular press are rarely accountable to anyone but their ratings – it is not difficult for truth to get lost or skewed in the pursuit of a growing readership.

Find and make time to read the Word of God. Get a Bible app, follow a reading plan, print out a book of the Bible, download the MP3 of the Bible, keep your Bible close. Then, as you travel to work or when you are waiting for your computer to start up or over breakfast or lunch or before bed – read and listen to it! What works for you is probably different to what works for the next person.

Give some thought to where you digest the Word of God. If there are places that will help you do that – pursue them more eagerly than you might a gym membership! Church, a Bible Study Group, reading with a friend, attending Bible teaching conferences or events. Protect those times, give them priority so that your life will continue to be shaped and formed by God’s Word.

And obey the Word of God. Reading it is great, but it means nothing if you don’t do what it says (James 1:22). How do you allow it to shape you, to change your thinking, to challenge your worldview or that of others around you? There are many things that the Bible asks us, all under the banner of grace. Those who hear it and obey it are those who are equipped to do every good work for the glory of God (2 Timothy 3:17).

Happy Reading.


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