The Lost Art of Inviting!


It is invitation time!

Christmas is coming, now the question is: who is coming to Christmas?!

For some of us the idea of inviting someone to celebrate Christmas with you is a no brainer. It is what friends do. If Christmas is important then it is important to have friends of all walks of life celebrating with you!

For some, this doesn’t feel so easy!

Here is a challenge – try to invite just five people to something for Christmas. (some would say, ‘just five’ – fine you invite more).

Inviting takes many forms and giving this some thought may actually present a myriad of possible ways to invite someone – and hopefully one of them at least would be manageable for you!

Want some tips….

  • Invite some of your Facebook friends – send them the link and brochure graphic or promo video (now on the Trinity City 5pm Church Facebook Group).
  • Write your Christmas Cards early and enclose the Christmas event flyer of choice.
  • Take a bundle and put them in the letter boxes on your street or in your unit block.
  • Send an invite email to five friends.
  • Invite a bunch of work colleagues for a drink after work (somewhere near the Town Hall) and use the occasion to invite them to Carols in the Adelaide Town Hall.
  • Ask the Café you often go if they would be happy for the flyers to be displayed.
  • Put the flyer on the window screens of the cars in a car park close to you.
  • Or maybe – just ask someone if they would like to come with you.

Be encouraged like Timothy in the New Testament. The Apostle Paul, said to pray because God our Saviour ‘wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth’ (1 Tim 2:4). Whatever happens, will happen because it is under the hand of God. It happened for us, and we can be sure that it will happen for many more.

There are people out there just waiting for someone to invite them to something. There are people out there who will be saved and who will come to a knowledge of the truth. And those people could be people we already know!

Pray and invite. Be bold, be creative and have some fun!

Don’t miss the memo – Christmas is coming, who are you spending Christmas with this year?

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