Question: How has 5pm Church encouraged me this year to grow as a disciple of Jesus?

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On Sunday we looked at ‘Discipleship’ at Church – and as Trinity City strives, by God’s grace, to be a healthy discipler-making church, I asked the question ‘How has 5pm Church encouraged you this year to grow as a disciple of Jesus?

Here is what you said….

Home Groups (20)

  • I’ve found my home group to be great with encouraging me in my faith this year J
  • Home Groups members leading by example and being passionate about sharing Jesus
  • 5pm Church has encouraged me by giving me the opportunity to serve brothers and sisters as a home group leader
  • Home group engaging with God’s word
  • Home group has been challenging, not just learning the Bible, but also to be open and transparent to members in home group. I have learnt and am still learning to be open and to encourage my fellow brothers and sisters to dig deeper into the word.
  • Going to home group and growing together both spiritually and relationally has helped me grow at 5pm this year
  • My home group has felt like a family that care for each other, walks through struggles together and builds each other in faith. It has been such a delight to feel part of community
  • Home group – studying the Bible, praying for each other. Tool to read the Bible 1-2-1 (discussion the other week)
  • I was encouraged to join the part of home group and we have shared Jesus and the Bible
  • Welcoming and encouraging home group where people are willing to share what’s happening in their lives and we can thank God/ pray for things together
  • Talking with home group members and sharing ideas and concerns
  • My home group has confirmed to encourage and stretch and grow me! Everyone has been willing to be real about what is going on. Cheryl J
  • Home group openness has generated opportunities to show concern for the individuals trials
  • Freedom at home groups to pursue studies of our choice has opened up new areas of learning and ministry
  • Fellowship with Monday night home group people has provided practical ad prayer support to help me keep coming to church, staying in the word and praying. Keeping Jesus at the centre of my messy and challenging year! Thanks so much for them
  • Being able to be a consistent part of a home group whether we can make it to church or not
  • Actually connecting into a community through home group and the sound ministry team
  • Attending Terrace Studies and 5pm church has helped strengthen and grow as a disciple
  • Home group interactions
  • Greater fellowship via joining a home group
  • Being a home group leader
  • Through home group – Caroline’s hospitality, Peter & Michelle’s leading
  • Home group helps me grow in my knowledge of Scripture and think through current issues which helps me better present a biblical view with non-believers
  • The church in general through TIBS has helped me appreciate our different cultures and I have found new friends here
  • Home group helping Anglicare has been helpful to me
  • Home group; worship at 5pm
  • Home group; singing praise in church
  • Seeing the growth in home groups as people become more confident in understanding God’s word
  • I have had individual discipling which has been really great; but also my home group has lovingly helped me to growth in faith and learn more about Jesus.

Evangelism (10)

  • Seeing the hunger and need brothers and sisters, and seekers have for our Lord Jesus
  • To keep sharing the gospel, God’s word, with those I come into contact with in day to day life
  • I have been challenged to openly speak of Jesus at work i.e. in the Tea Room and not just the usual weather or sport talk.
  • There is a constant challenge to talk to friends … and read the bible with them too
  • To outreach in community and pray more
  • Through sharing and developing my faith with other members of the community I have been encouraged to become more active in both ministry at Trinity and evangelism with non-believers
  • I have been challenged to read the Bible 1-2-1 with someone – and trained in a “safe” environment to do this
  • Witnessing and sharing lives with home group members, seeing their commitment to God’s work
  • By expounding on the commission given to us by Jesus in the gospel
  • As a new visitor (just passing through Adelaide) I was encouraged tonight to see enthusiasm for the gospel being preached and challenged to be sharing the gospel with those around me

Growing/Discipleship (12)

  • 5pm Church has encouraged me to grow as a disciple by providing, strong, unwavering biblical teaching; providing great, available and caring pastoral care; home groups, bible studies, events, social events etc.
  • 5pm Church has encouraged me to grow as a disciple through a great home group, friendly people at church who I can have deep conversations with and church services with good teaching
  • Talking with Ken about discipleship
  • By teaching me to be able to read God’s word and apply it to my life
  • Has helped me grow in my personal relationship with Christ to rely on Him in all circumstances and to trust Him to care for my family
  • I get more knowledge about God’s words which is good for my every day living
  • Seeing busy people serve sacrificially
  • I’m thankful that 5pm has helped me be focussed on others, keeping Jesus at the centre of why we disciple and grow as a disciple
  • Being part of the MAP program has encouraged me everyday by staff and the congregation to disciple others and to be disciple myself.
  • Challenged me to think through issues that I have been struggling with so that I can focus on Jesus more
  • Strengthening our belief in Jesus, protecting us from evil in the world and to develop our higher nature
  • I have learned to be thankful and grateful for the things God has provided for me

The Word – Good Teaching/Preaching/Training (11)

  • A combination of things, namely good teaching, genuinely caring people, and good programs for people to join/learn.
  • Faithful preaching of the Word always strengthens and encourages one in daily walk of discipleship
  • Sermons were good. They helped me grow into a more mature Christian
  • God’s word faithfully taught
  • 5pm sermons have helped me grow in my love and knowledge of God
  • Reading the emails have developed my faith during the week, with thought provoking Bible commentary
  • Great teaching from the front
  • The teaching of the sermons and the connection that I have with other people
  • The preaching (especially the Job series) has grown my faith and trust in God in all circumstances
  • The interest of the people around me to learn about the Bible encourages me to learn as well
  • Opportunities to study the Bible in depth – home groups and school of ministry

Encouragement/Fellowship (11)

  • I’m thankful for the 5pm friends who have encouraged me through various changes in my life in 2015
  • Encourage me to attend church service. Warm and welcoming to everyone
  • Encouraged me to read the Bible more often
  • 5pm church has encouraged me immensely as I have been able to be par6t of a home group with people my own age and in a similar stage of life, and have walked together in faith
  • 5pm has been helpful by caring and being inclusive, by showing genuine concern and following up during the week
  • Through the fellowship and chatting after the service.
  • Talking to many church members is greatly encouraging to me
  • People have encouraged me to make coming to church and home group a priority even when very busy but have also not judged me and continued to pray for me when I have been unable to make it
  • 5pm encouragement – fellowship such as dinner, after-service supper
  • By having brothers and sisters in Christ to run the race alongside me and encourage me to fight the fight for our faith
  • 5pm has helped orient me when I was low in spirit such that now I feel filled with the Spirit again following a relationship breakdown

Faithful friends (6)

  • A casual, chilled-out catch up with Nathan & Jen led to some sharing and resulted in them showing great love, compassion and friendship after a difficult and stressful week. It is an encouragement to see people genuinely love and care as I imagine Jesus might but don’t assume Christians do
  • I give thanks for Verity and her encouragement and kindness and prayers to me and my family. The sermons have also helped me
  • Friends
  • Friendly people
  • Community: people are involved in each other’s lives – caring for each other in all our life situations (good & bad)
  • The love I’ve experienced from friends in particular my home group at 5pm during this challenging year has reminded me there is nothing better than being in God’s family and have helped me to persevere and keep going.

Welcoming/Meeting New People (5)

  • I have been challenged to meet new people
  • 5pm has encouraged me to be more generous with my attempt to be friendlier to new members
  • Be friendly towards people I don’t know
  • That members of 5pm have taken time during the week to organise coffee dates and other get-togethers to welcome me and help me to meet with and connect with members at 5pm. Their hospitality, kindness and fellowship has been a huge encouragement
  • Friendly people

Worship/Gathering (4)

  • Worshipping the Lord. Being in obedience to His Word. Claiming through Him blessings
  • A gathering with very similar values at my own stage in life
  • I was invited to join the music team
  • I think the music and the songs and preaching

Prayer (3)

  • By being faithfully prayed for by several people
  • Growing me in prayer according to God’s will; to better know God’s word and to have courage to discern the false use of Scripture; to encourage those into our Father’s truth in His love; to live in all situations and be faithful and thankful for your grace Father; to encourage brothers and sisters
  • By learning to pray and asking for God’s guidance

Leaders (2)

  • Amazing people, faithful leaders who don’t seem to give up on the flock even though we don’t always act in loving ways
  • Hospitable staff always willing to address my questions on the Bible or even issues in daily life

Thanks for the encouragement. Praise God for much that he has done.

I love being a disciple of Jesus.

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