Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness

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Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness (Gal 5:22).

Have you considered that faith is the mark of being human! We all live by faith. What is important about faith is not that you have it, but that you place it!

Faith is seen in what you place your trust in.

Isn’t it awesome that Christians place their trust in someone (not something) who is absolutely, gloriously, perfectly worthy of our trust – our Saviour the Lord Jesus? Isn’t it fantastic that we know that, because the promises of God have been fulfilled absolutely, gloriously, perfectly in Jesus.

Our response in faith then is naturally seen in the way we live our lives visibly demonstrating our faith in Jesus. That will look different for each of us, but common in that it should be obviously clear that we live first and foremost for the gospel.

How do those around you see your faith in Jesus lived out? If your unbelieving family or peers or work colleagues were able to offer an honest assessment of you, would it be clear to them that you were a person of gospel faith?

There is a faithful challenge.

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